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The concept for Freightman, LLC began in the late 1980’s while the owner was working as a printing broker in the Florida Keys.  In over two decades of negotiating with freight companies on a daily basis for the delivery of printed products to various Keys locations, it became obvious that there were vast discrepancies in the fees that truckers were charging for their services.  For the same shipment, five trucking companies would quote five very different prices, with the range from low to high frequently exceeding 100%.  Without carefully monitoring this situation, it was very easy to overpay for freight deliveries to the Florida Keys.
Managing this controllable expense requires (1) a large amount of time to research each shipment (2) expertise about the trucking industry business model (3) specific knowledge about the different carriers operating in the Florida Keys.  The typical recipient of freight in Monroe County has neither the time nor the inclination to investigate potential savings available for the delivery of products that they have ordered.  Freightman was launched to assist with this process.



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